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Create a means to help you meet the financial needs of retirement.

We can often worry about outliving our savings. When the day comes for us to retire, we want to know that we have a suitable income stream to support us well into our sunset years so we can focus on doing all the things we ever wanted to do instead of the anxiety of living our selves out of our means. Allow us to help you fulfill your needs of the future.

The benefits of annuities:

  • Receive guaranteed payouts throughout your entire life.
  • Create extra income even before retirement.
  • Allow for an early retirement before Social Security benefits set in.
  • Long and Short term disability (Cash accumulation vehicles)

Annuities Coverage Types

Index Annuity

An index annuity has many features, but at its core, it offers an opportunity to earn higher returns based on stock market performance. Additionally, it has protection against market declines to safeguard your investment.

Deferred Annuity

With a deferred annuity, you accumulate your investment before it begins paying out at a later date (typically at or near retirement). It has clear benefits such as fixed interest rate and tax-deferred growth.

Variable Annuity

This annuity contract grows tax-deferred and offers investors an opportunity to gain higher returns by investing in bonds and equity. This investment option allows you to spend in any number of options to lessen risk.

Immediate Annuity

This type of annuity typically purchased at retirement age begins benefiting the policyholder immediately, within one year of purchase. The purchase is lump-sum and starts a guaranteed income stream for the bearer.

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